2019 Christmas Season Festivites

On behalf of Hangberg Dreams NPC CEO Zulfa October, Executive Management team and staff we want to wish all of our clients, collaborating partners, sponsors/donors a blessed, prosperous 2020. May the light of love unite us for the common good of those whom we serve. It gave Hangberg Dreams NPC great pleasure to delight in the festivities of the 2019 Christmas season in our community. We were delighted by the many smiles on the grateful faces of our children and elderly of the community as we shared the festive cheer which lingered amongst all during this special time. Our hearts are humbled at the appreciation shown and it motivates us to keep on doing good for the interest of our people in our community and beyond. We are eternally grateful for all the support, love and encouragement we have received thusfar. Thank you to all, it is much appreciated and treasured.