Christmas & Easter

Every year a day before Christmas, our client provides a wonderful Christmas gift for the vulnerable children in the community, provided by a Santa Box. We have been so inspired by the warmth and generosity of those who have put their hands in their pockets, to make these boxes up for the children. The community has shown to the wider and ongoing needs of our children over the years, with warm clothing, hot meals and food vouchers. On Easter the vulnerable children will receive an Easter hamper that are prepared by the client.

No child should have to worry about how they will endure the colder winter months without a warm coat, with shoes that are falling apart and without hot meals. We need your help so we can provide them with these basic needs and improve their well-being so they are not simply surviving every day, but can build a better future for themselves.

Other Programmes


The vulnerable seniors are always in our thoughts, hosting a day event for the seniors in and out of the community as we do every year.


Reward management is concerned with the implementation of strategies that aim to reward people in accordance with their recovery.


Different forms of Yoga have been shown to have the most positive effects, physically, mentally and emotionally.


We humans wither outside of community. It isn’t a luxury or a nice thing; community is essential.


The greatest benefit of community outreach is that we serve people who are often unable to help themselves.

Christmas & Easter

Every year a day before Christmas, our client provides a Christmas gift for the vulnerable children in the community.

Therapeutic Group Sessions

Our focus is the community, we strive to ultimate past stigma and illustrate a positive self-worth.

Support Groups

Every Monday support groups at the Recovery Home.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy that involves working with people.

Gender Based Violence Group Sessions

Gender based violence is deeply rooted in gender inequality and continues to be a problem in society.

Face Painting

Face painting brings fun, joy and time to understand each other.

Effective Parenting Skills

Somewhere along the road we forgot all the values of parenting.