Our Needs

For the sake of transparency, we have listed our staff costs and other overheads below. Our contribution towards these costs, helps us achieve our vision.

Staffing Costs

Staff Costing R 55 000
Counsellors R 25 000
Nurse R 15 000
Outreach Worker R 2 500
Volunteers R 3 500

Monthly Overheads

Rental R 5 900
Food R 35 000
Transportation R 10 000.00
Stationary R 2 500
Telephone and WiFi R 4 500
Admin Costs R 5 000

We base a lot of our focus on vulnerable seniors in the community. We do home visits, have an outreach programme that focuses on the personal needs of each individual.

We assess these needs and based on said needs can refer our clients to available NGO’s who play a role in reaching personal growth and support.

We make it our mission to facilitate a senior function once a year to encourage and show gratitude to our seniors. Part of this function is to entertain, spoil and educate.

We are frequently to host presentations at our local schools. We focus on prevention of substance abuse. We use visuals as a key part of educating youngsters.

We invite our graduates to share their experience and downfalls during their time of misuse. Our graduates share success stories to empower youth not to use substances.

We do not only strive to empower our clients, our programme is a community-wide outreach. We support all those in need of assistance and just an ear to listen and a referral.

Board Members

Zulfa October

CEO, Founder

Tania Gray


Melvin Gesoond

Board Member

Tessa Abrahams

Board Member