About Hangberg Dreams NPO

What is our STORY TIME: This is focused on clients who are in the process of graduating and who have graduated our 4 to 6 month programme.

We facilitate a Graduation and Process function where we invite our clients, family members, community members and NGO supporters to take part in the success of miracles.

Our clients and family members share their success stories. We present our clients with a certificate that they have reached their sober mark of 4 to 6 months to celebrate their achievements and this strives to empower their recovery.

Our Mission

We who have given much more than our position requires. We are committed to always go the extra mile. We find ourselves as committed, responsible, reliable and professional with a heart of gold. We work directly and indirectly in and out of our community. Efficiently and effectively engaging in the society to the fight against any harm of misuse and abuse as its responsibility. To create opportunities for alternative lifestyle for all people. To develop and maximise. The capacity to deal with any challenges. Opportunities for everyone and promote a responsible way of life. In my professional opinion, my team is more than capable of governing the position and privilege of supporting our community. Even so, we continue to work from home, always striving for greatness for our community. Our aim is to support our community to experience the true art of finding themselves. The staff show and express empathy and develop discrepancy. Avoid arguments, and with resistance and support self-effacing.
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Our Vision

When you apply your mind, your actions will be justified exactly by the outcome and consequences of the choices you make.

LIFE IS ALL ABOUT CHOICES. A sober environment in which everyone can enjoy freedom, develop intellectually, socially, economically, emotionally, spiritually and physically and live a responsible way of life.

You are responsible for your life …

We base a lot of our focus on vulnerable seniors in the community. We do home visits, have an outreach programme that focuses on the personal needs of each individual.

We assess these needs and based on said needs can refer our clients to available NGO’s who play a role in reaching personal growth and support.

We make it our mission to facilitate a senior function once a year to encourage and show gratitude to our seniors. Part of this function is to entertain, spoil and educate.

We are frequently to host presentations at our local schools. We focus on prevention of substance abuse. We use visuals as a key part of educating youngsters.

We invite our graduates to share their experience and downfalls during their time of misuse. Our graduates share success stories to empower youth not to use substances.

We do not only strive to empower our clients, our programme is a community-wide outreach. We support all those in need of assistance and just an ear to listen and a referral.

Board Members

Zulfa October

CEO, Founder

Tania Gray


Melvin Gesoond


Tessa Abrahams


Other Staff

Shaheen Ismail

Phase 1 Counselor

Latiefa Dreyer

Phase 2 Counselor & Kemodo Kid Facilitator

Scott Fisher

Phase 3 Counselor

Roesdien October

Workforce Counselor

Fadqah Vardien

Aftercare Reintegration Counselor

Nlannghla Phungula

Social Worker

Abubaker Manual

Social Worker

Robert Sonn

Aministrative Assistant